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My straight forward approach empowers you to dig deep into yourself to find the strength, courage and grace to live according to your desires, vision and mission.

The path back home to your true self can be challenging and lonely. Since I have already walked this initiated journey I have dedicated my life to be at service to your own evolution..

Together we will uncover most of your deepest fears and shadows and alchemise them into your most authentic gifts and shine light on your unique talents. I thrive on celebrating your success, steadily supporting you as your personal unshakable soul mentor.

I specifically work with transformational leaders who are craving to radically step into into the next level of their financial, career and personal evolution

"Chiara helped me develop a daily spiritual practice that has stuck and deeply resonated with me, and completely changed my life. With practical exercises, focused tips, and personalized motivation, I was finally able to break free from certain habits which no longer served me and replace them with new ones which empower me and continue to contribute to my growth well after my sessions with Chiara ended. Her light shines brighter than the moon, sun and stars combined, and she imparts her mastery of sacred practices and teachings from a place of unconditional love. "


Sheila Paylan, SGBV Advisor at Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


“I left my destructive city lifestyle 12 years ago and I moved to South East Asia to follow my dream to heal my wild Heart and reconnect with my Soul.”

It has been a long committed journey of coming back home to myself. I had the honour to work closely with many Great Masters, Teachers of different Ancient lineages and Spiritual Guides, students and clients. I have learnt and grown so much in this extraordinary time, that my life has completely transformed. I’ve learned that Inner transformation is not only possible, but it available for everyone, if you step up and claim it for yourself.


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